Common Sense?

So, like many bloggers, I do have many hangover posts. However, I would like to say that, in my defense, I have many drunken posts as well. Like this one. I will describe my night in the following free-form poem:

Friends in town
off to Tortilla Flats,

Free Tequila shots;
tinsel and Mexicano decor.
Black velvet Elvis looks
much better after
strawberry margarita(s).

Hula hoop
Unused, alas.
Free pitcher for 3 minutes.

Good Mexican food
in the West Village?
No way, dude!
(good cheese counts for a lot)

Bachelorettes meet sailors,
So why am I watching
America's Top Model?

In other words, an excellent night.

I received a letter from an inmate today who saw the article about me in India in New York. One never knows how to respond to a letter from the penitentary, but it seems that this inmate actually has good intentions, and is contacting me for professional reasons regarding The Street Law Handbook. He and another inmate have written a book entitled Police Encounters: The Black Man's Guide to Handling Encounters with the Police & Protecting Your Constitutional Rights. The book was apparently written from personal experiences and experiences of "people on the wrong side of the law," which I assume are his fellow prisonmates. Now they seem to want me to be involved in the marketing of this book in some way, but I haven't actually read it and therefore can't recommend it one way or another. But, according to my penpal, the book was "written to assist people of color who are most often the target of unwanted police attention and the unfair practices of law enforcement" Can't argue with that.

So while I can't do too much to help another book--too many balls in the air, as it were--I can do the following a) order it myself to see if I can recommend it and b) tell you about it, and link the website:

Now, having done my civil service fo the night, it's time for Pedialyte.