The Long Arm of the Law

Actually, the last post got me thinking about something rather strange. Mention that you're a lawyer, and there is roughly a 92.5% chance that the person you're talking to will mention how they seriously considered law school. Seriously, most of the population has thought about it. Is it the last refuge of all college grads when they run out of ideas? True, would-be lawyers and law school students are everywhere. For example, I just learned that Phil, the lead guitarist of Satanicide (actually, I think he goes by Alistair, or something like that) is a real estate attorney. If you're out there, Phil, are you still practicing? Just curious. And another member of the group, who shall remain nameless for his own protection, was also telling me how he thinks about going to law school. No, Baron, no!

But while it is interesting how many cool and creative people consider law school, it is even more interesting that I never met any. I mean, where were the spandex-wearing heavy-metal rockers at my law school? I don't recall any. Instead I was stuck with people who agreed with judges who made female lawyers wear skirts in court, because pantsuits were generally unfeminine. I! "Your honor, I actually have a very feminine butterfly tattoo on my left ankle and this nasty pantsuit is just covering it up...oh, wait, you don't like tattoos either? I'll just put on another layer of pantyhose then."

I will tell you what I told Nameless Member: if you are a creative person--not just creative, but if who you are is mostly driven by the creative impulse--then law school is not for you. Creativity is not a treasured asset in law school. The two do not mix in the wild, and cannot survive in the same environment.

If you are mostly creative, and still want to law school, then you must have another trait to succeed: marathons. A 10K will do, but really you must be able to run the full 26-or-whatever-K. Only those creative types who have the capability and persistence to train for a marathon should consider law school and/or a legal career. It's for the long haul.

As for me, I don't even break into a jog unless someone is chasing me. And, depending on the circumstances, sometimes not even then.

That should tell you something, though I'm not sure what.