Happy Thanksgiving: Why I am Thankful

Image originally by Norman Rockwell.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends.
Things I am Thankful for:

My Family. It is especially good to have my Son Salvatore home from college. I miss him a lot when he is gone. I wish he was staying longer. The house has more music when he is home.

My clients, so many of whom have tremendous problems, but they trust in me to make it better. They are also an amazing group of people who though they have their own problems never fail to ask after me and my family. I really appreciate their loyalty to me.

I am thankful for my colleagues. Especially my two associates, Amy Hsu and Noel Munier. Amy is leaving me to go forward in her career. She is joining Acting Supreme Court Justice Tory Modica in Queens as his Principal Law Clerk. It is a tremendous opportunity for her. Amy has been an outstanding associate and is a part of our family now. I am going to miss her like one misses a limb, but I am happy that she will be going to a place that is the next step in what I am sure is going to be an outstanding career. Good luck.

I am thankful for my friends. There are so many that come through for me in so many ways. I could never have the practice I have and the life I lead were it not for the unselfishness of these folks. I especially want to give Thanks for Doug Reda who is always there to help me in a pinch. Sometimes Doug will run my practice and handle more of my work than his own. He asks nothing in return. Our friendship goes back 25+ years and I cannot thank him enough. Everyone should have a person like Douglas Reda in their lives. This is a man for whom God saves a special place in Heaven.

I am thankful for the Doctors who care for my wife. They are a special breed of people who are always so concerned for her well being. They are truly professionals in every sense of that word. I will pray for their continued success in finding a cure to Scleroderma.

I am thankful to be a citizen in the greatest Country in the world. A place where there is always a potential for success even when times seem tough. I truly believe that great things lie ahead for our nation. I promise to continue to work toward us having a better nation. I am hopeful that our new president-elect will have a tremendous presidency and I am thankful for the sacrifice and service of our present President George W. Bush, Although I disagreed with him on so many points, If men and women do not step up to do this job, our nation will fail to be the great beacon of light that it is. The thanks I give for both of these men, should be shared by those that worked with them and their families.

Finally I am thankful for all of my readers. I enjoy your feedback and your twitter posts and your blogs too. Please all have a very happy Thanksgiving.