Govenor Palin Attacks Katie Couric: Sarah Still Doesn't Get Why She Cost McCain the Election.

Sarah Palin is the main subject of an upcoming documentary about the election. It is a documentary by John Zeigler, a Neo-conservative film maker who, from what I can see on the YouTube outtake from the movie, was tossing Palin softballs to hit out of the stadium. Unfortunately, Sarah struck out...again.

Palin acts snarky toward and jealous of Caroline Kennedy. Lets see, yes Caroline is wealthy. No Sarah, you do not go after a woman who is trying to enter public service (like you), whose family, whether you like them or not, has dedicated their lives to public service. Never forget Sarah that Caroline's father and Godfather were both assassinated on national television while she was a child because of their decision to serve the nation. She is a victim. You are not.

You also do not get to say you were being "flip" and were not taking questions seriously when you were asked what newspapers you read by Katie Couric.

(Paliin, when asked about Katie Couric's question in their disastrous interview about what newspapers she read, said that she thought Couric was trying to figure out what "they did up there" and that her answer was somewhat flippant and was meant to convey that she did all the same things and read all the same things as those of us in the lower 48.)

You said of Couric, "Katie, the world does not revolve around you." You are right, "the world" doesn't revolve around Couric, but on that day at that time, being the first time you had an opportunity to make an impression on the American electorate, your world should have "revolved" around Couric. What in the world made you think you could blow off a question because you thought it was flippant? What level of self importance do you harbor to think it was all about you? What it was about was showing the American people that you were a serious candidate who could step into the shoes of the President at a moments notice.

Palin also complained that McCain's handlers made her continue the interview after it was clear it went poorly. First off Ms. Palin, you are an adult. You could have said no. As for your decision to continue, it was said you couldn't get your act together, but you cannot cut and run when you are in charge of the free world. You could have prepared better. You could have even taken out those alleged pit bull teeth and polar bear nails and gone after Couric when she was being "unfair" to you. You cannot, however, cut and run. Not if you want to be our President. This is just further proof of your abject inabliity to be President.

As for the Tina Fey statements, who are you kidding? Of course it exploited you. That is what comedians do. You felt that the jokes and statements about your daughter's pregnancy were unfair? Too bad. You chose to thrust that child and her poor decision into the public view. You made her pregnancy an issue. You made her decision to keep the child and marry a boy who didn't want to get married seem shotgun-like. Here Boyfriend made the statements on Facebook that said he didn't want to get married. You announced their engagement. Fey's comment about unwilling children getting married because they got pregnant was vicious but it had a ring of truth to it. That is what made it funny. Your abject failure to recognize your complicity in the situation makes me question your judgement.

Here is the thing. You put yourself out there as a potential President. You decided you hate the intelligent, you are jealous of the successful and you act like a victim.

You are right, Ms. Palin, you are a victim. You are a victim of your own ego, lack of self esteem, petty jealousy, niavite, and, sadly, lack of "smarts". You keep trying to tell me how tough you are. Here is a lesson for you, Sarah. Tough guys don't have to tell people they are tough. They take on tough situations, handle them, and move on. They don't compare themselves to bears, pitbulls or any other animals. They just do their job.

If you need a tough guy to model after, look no further than John McCain. He makes no excuses, stands by his people (you included) and takes responsibility for his own statements failures and decisions.