Planning to come to NYC this Fourth of July?

A friend posted on Facebook that he was coming to NY City on the weekend of the Fourth of July. He asked for suggestions on things to do in NY City Queens Brooklyn and Long Island.

Here are my suggestions for food and fun in New York City:
July 2nd:
Dine early at Bella Blu on 70th and Lex then cab across town to catch
either "Promises Promises" or "Fences" (with Denzel Washington) before it closes on the 13th.)

July 3rd:
Go to the Museum of Sex, it is not what you think but you will learn a lot and there is usually no lines. Not sure if it is open on the holiday though.

GO to Houston Street and "Send a Salami to a Kid in the ARMY" at Katz's Kosher Deli 205 Houston street. It is correctly pronounced HOW STUN not U STONE like they do it in Texas. "Doze guys don't know nuttin bout how ta talk." By the way have a Pastrami and Corn Beef combo sandwich it is legendary. Do not order a RUBEN or anything with cheese. It's a KOSHER DELI!!
Shop in SOHO and NOHO, Catch the World Cup semi final match at a good Irish Bar in NOHO.
For the more athletic head over to the HUDSON BOATHOUSE and paddle the HUDSON River for a 20 minute Kayak trip exploring the Hudson meet up at 72nd Street and Hudson River (Riverside Park) and boys and girls IT's FREE!!! Get there before 4 it is over at 5 and it starts at 11AM so plan accordingly. (Maybe only half of a Katz's sandwich)

Make reservations and eat at the best Steakhouse in NYC (but it is located in Brooklyn.) Walk over the Williamsburg Bridge and it is right at the bottom of the bridge across from the historic Williamsburg Savings bank. It is called Peter Luger's Steakhouse. It DOES NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS BRING A LOT OF CASH (Order Steak for 3 (about$200 bucks) with the Homefried Potatoes and DO NOT ORDER the appetizers as you will not have room. Wash it down with Brooklyn Lager. Have any desert "MIT SCHLAG" (whipped cream but trust me, it is different here). Take a cab back to Manhattan, write me a thank you note...

On Friday or Saturday night: Go to Jazz at Lincoln Center's Dizzy's Coca Cola Club for the second show and stay for the after show and if there is one, the show after that (Cost you about 50 dollars pp for the night.) The Jazz is unreal even if it isn't the kind of music you usually listen too. GO BACK TO HOTEL IT IS AFTER 2AM.

JULY 4th
Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and go to Grimaldi's pizza on the other side. They do not sell slices and do not take credit cards. Bring cash.
now walk back across and then go across to Battery park and get ready for the FIREWORKS (yup it is on the Hudson River this year) Find a spot by 7 the show starts at 9:30 and ends at 10ish. Bring a transistor radio and listen to the music on 1010 AM.

Want to do something... DECADENT???
Walk back up Canal street to the east side and then go north on the Bowery and go left on Spring Street (at the end of Little Italy and start of SOHO) then
Go into "Rice to Riches" on Spring and Mott streets, Have the most unbelievable gourmet rice pudding EVER. (Send some to me as a gift for all this insider info). It closes at 1 am. It will be crowded until the close. Taste all the different types then pick two AND get a topping or two. I like the Strawberries and they are in season now.

JULY 5th
Up early? Get to Jones Beach on Long Island and catch up with some sun. Get a spot early leave by NOON too much sun is bad for you.

Get a cab to Astoria, and enjoy some of the best Ethnic food in NY. There is great Afgan and Middle eastern cuisine on Steinway street smoke some hooka.
I love the Italian at Brick Cafe on 34th Ave and 31st St. OR you could get the best Italian anywhere at Trattoria L'incontro (Ditmars and 31st Ave)which features the creations of it's owner Rocco Sacrome. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF ORDERING FROM THE MENU!! Everyone will know you are a tourist! Rocco offers over 40 specials and trust me THEY ARE ALL SPECIAL. They are recited by the staff from memory. The place is unreal. The food is Abruzzese style. If you haven't tried it, try it today, Abruzzi is the finest region of Italy. If his new Cookbook is published, buy it and get it autographed.

okay time to finish the day:

Go to Citi Field get there by 5 and watch batting practice then look at the Jackie Robinson Exhibit in the main hall, Then catch the game Mets (a half game out of 1st as of tonight) v. Cincinnati Reds. Stay after it ends for the FIREWORKS (it is pyrotechniques nite) The stadium is beautiful the food there at all the vendors is top notch and I love fireworks.

Or you could just book down to Governor's Island for the afternoon, sunbathe listen to music, eat your picnic basket lunch (which you got from Dean and Deluca's in Rockefeller Center. Then stay till nightfall and listen to a free outdoor concert by the NY Philharmonic. Do I hear another trip to Rice to Riches? Or maybe a repast of French food at L'Express on Park and 19th it is open 24/7 and is good. If you get there before 12AM you can go to Les Halles a couple blocks north on Park Ave. it is the home of Chef Anthony Bourdin of Food Channel fame.

July 6th
On the way to La Guardia in the Morning catch breakfast at Jackson Hole just north of the airport on the Grand Central.

You could visit me...
Have fun and have a safe trip.

Oh yeah we know have offices at 14 Wall Street in Lower Manhattan.