God Help Me. I Can't Believe I Am Writing This: O'Reilly is Correct. End Public Funding For NPR & PBS

I have to admit, that I am not crazy about public funding of the airwaves in America. I have no problem with Radio Free Europe and its progeny. I mean NPR and PBS. Until now however I was more or less willing to over-look the two because as things go, I think Sesame Street is a better deal than... A bridge to no-where or a Big Tall Fence across the Mexican border. NO MORE!!

The Juan Williams firing has me agreeing with FOX's Bill O'Reilly that it is time to end all public funding of Public Radio and to be consistant the Public Broadcasting System.
The Williams fiasco is proof that the company funded in part by our tax dollars has a political agenda that is fundementally liberal and will enforce the policy whenever it choses to.

Now NPR has conservatives and libertarians and hell even crazy tea party people on as guests, but nope it seems you cannot be one of those people and work there. When NPR accepts money from the Government however, it is not to push it's political agenda but to provide programing in a non-partisan way that will help further the conversation. It is to present educational programing.

Believe it or not, Tea party activist tax dollars go to NPR the same way liberal dollars go there. The Tea Party conservative, or libertarians like me have a right to be hired by a semi-private corporation funded by my tax dollars. Evidentially that is not the case and these NPR snobs think that you may think only their way or it is the highway... Well not on my dollar.

I am ending all support for NPR. I am asking my Senators and Congressmen to exise it from the Federal Budget and will ask the same of my State House Representitives. If they want to run their company like FOX NEWS, let them fund it the way FOX News does. With advertisers and by working for every dollar it gets. It won't be easy. but at least it will be fair.