Off Topic: Rain: A Beetles Tribute On Broadway

I went to see "Rain" today. It is a tribute concert to the Beetles. Rain performs the Beetles kind of in concert. There is no Broadway musical ala BeetleMania or "Jersey Boys." The musicians in "Rain" (which is evidentially an actual "cover band") are very good, and the guy who plays Sir Paul McCartney is a good look-a-like, but all in all, I'd have rather saved the money and bought the real records (or CDs if you must...)
That is not to say that I didn't have fun, I did. Mostly because I saw it with 22 cousins and other friends of my family. Now that was fun. Of course again, "Jersey Boys" would have been more fun and that show is just phenomenal.

"Rain" begins at the beginning, with the Ed Sullivan Show and then moves along through "Help" and "Sgt. Peppers." It hits the "Revolver" album and the "White" album, and ends up with Abbey Road.
To their credit, "Rain" (the band) never tries to pretend they are acting as the Beetles. I mean yeah they look a little like them and dress like them and sing their songs but unlike Jersey Boys they do not take their names nor do they ever refer to themselves as the Fab Four. They clearly let you know they are a tribute band and this is a tribute to the Beetles.
The audience was fairly old (over 50 plus) and there were a lot of former hippies using walkers, wheelchairs, and the like, but on a whole for a group of "old folks" we were quite energetic.

If one has never seen the "Beetles" live and wants to "kinda sorta" hear the music as if the boys from Liverpool were still playing it, then do go. Squint a little and you will think they are up there singing to you. Otherwise, buy the albums or the re-released DVDs and save your money to go to see Jersey Boys which is across the street. Now that was some play.