Fancy That

Cat Fancy magazine has emailed to tell me that they like my article idea, and that they will mail me a contract. The only hitch seems to be that I don't recall pitching an idea to Cat Fancy magazine. It does sound like something I would, drunk. Apparently, the idea had to do with cats and the law.

Now, the only reference I can think of is that loathsome Wisconsonian proposal to allow people with small game licenses to hunt feral cats. Feral, in this case, means "without a collar." So any pussy with out a collar is literally fair game. Luckily, the Wisconsin governor and half the state oppose the idea, so it may not happen.

That topic, however, would be a hard-hitting article of journalistic integrity. I don't think Cat Fancy does hard-hitting articles of journalistic integrity. I think they do stories about how to own a cat. And if the fuzzy barbarians running all over my house are any indication, I am not the person to be advising others about owning cats.

There is an upside to this. Namely, that my article has been approved for the 2006 Calender. So that gives me at least seven months to figure out exactly what I may or may not have pitched them about cats and the law.

If I have ever told you my article idea, please comment below.