Devil Inside Her--Finished!

Well, it's finally done--the Devil Inside Her has been delivered. And so have I.

It was grueling. The publishers reclassified it as a pop culture book, which was fine, except they had something very specific in mind. The book is now called The Devil Inside Her: The Fascinating World of History's Wicked Women. It's about how ten infamous women of history are portrayed in our pop culture, and why we still talk about them. I wanted it to be more, but there wasn't any time. But I'm really excited about this new direction--as much as I like reading history, writing it wasn't my favorite part. But contemplating wicked women like Mata Hari, Bloody Mary, and Bonnie Parker was fun. Why are we still fascinated with them? I have no idea. But I think it's directly linked to my fascination with Angelina Jolie.

So...I retraced my goth roots and have gotten a lot more into the culture, thanks to my discovery of artist Madame Talbot ( Her posters are gorgeous; you'll see me linking them often. I still want to work on a project with her...I discovered voodoo in New Orleans, a proud, sexy, matriarchal culture that is celebrated with a good party and a stiff drink...I researched the Dragon Lady in 19th century China and the Tudor dynasty in 16th century England, and learned WAY too much about both...I reread Camille Paglia, whose energy I love even when I'm rolling my eyes at her...I found connections betweenLizzie Borden and both Marilyn Monroe and Sex and the City...I watched way too much Jon Stewart and VH1...I got a great cover, but I won't be on any bookstore tables...I researched courtesans and bohemians in Belle Epoque europe, and gangsters during the Depression...I need a haircut, a facial, a stiff drink and a break.

And I have an idea for another book.