New LSE Summer School Course in Cyberlaw

Exciting news:

You can now apply for the brand new LSE Summer School Course in Cyberlaw.

You get to spend three weeks in London (during the 2012 Olympic Games) being taught Cyberlaw by myself.

At the end of it (if you take the exam) you will get an LSE Summer School certificate in Cyberlaw.

The Prospectus entry is here.

General information about the 2012 Summer School is here.

You can apply to the 2012 Summer School here.

Some basic information about the Cyberlaw course:

It will run from 23 July -9 August 2012. All lectures will be given by myself. There will be 36 hours of lectures split into 12 lecture hours per week. You will have three hours of lectures per day for four days then a day off. You will also have 12 hours of tutorial classes taken by a first rate class teacher - one hour per day for four days per week. At the end will be two hour exam which will qualify you to receive the LSE Certificate in Cyberlaw. 

The course will look at issues such as IP protection in Cyberspace (copyright infringement, trade mark infringement, Peer-to-Peer, Google etc.); Speech issues (defamation, free expression, transparency, injunctions (including AMP)); e-commerce (payment, contracting domain names) and privacy (data security, data protection etc.).

I will also be arranging for guest speakers such as Matthew Richardson to come along and talk about their experiences of Cyberlaw.

A detailed outline of the programme is here.

The session two courses are likely to be very popular with the Olympics on. I would advise applying early. If you have any questions please get in touch with me, my contact details are available here.