Around the Blogosphere the Week of 12/14/08-12/20/08: Part I- Twitter Posts

Here is the deal: This was a pretty good week for blawggers. We had the Madoff thing, the Blago thing, and well, lots of things. We have bloggers finishing their year off with ideas for next year, and we have best of lists for this year (including my Tony(c) Awards). I had some extra time for reading this week and thought I would give you the best of my week.

That meant culling well over 1400 blog posts and Twitter links galore. So I have decided to give you "the best of this weeks blogosphere" in a bunch of posts with various central themes. The goal is to get at least three out on Sunday, and as many as necessary to finish the project up on Monday. Lets see how we do.

We will begin with Twitter links.

These are links to articles I have seen because a fellow tweeter (a person who uses twitter) directed me to the post and I found it interesting. Many of them, as you might imagine deal with this new found information and social networking site itself.

1. The Year in Tweets- Mashable's Ten Biggest Twitter "Moments". My favorites were all the election tweets and the coverage from on the scene at Mumbia India.

2. This video about taking your office paperless was pretty informative but of course the devil is in the details. I am not ready for the paperless office. I need to hold something in my hand. I am becoming more comfortable with electronic storage however. I just get nervous about all the crashing and hacking. I may not be completely ready for the E-Generation, but I am trying
Hattip: Small Firm Resource Center

3. Andrea Cannavina is a friend and my virtual secretary. She has a website called Legal Typist and she is DAFT... No I mean she is teaching me DAFT, eh, well, maybe you should read her work yourself and see if it doesn't get you out of your e-mail disorganization. Follow Andrea on Twitter

That about does it for my favorite Twitter links. Oh yeah, you can follow me on Twitter too