Do Not Support Mother's Against Drunk Drivers: That Lawyer Dude Responds to a Request for Financial Support

My friend Bob Kraft is a great lawyer and great and giving guy. Why just a few months ago I paid good money to get his rear-end out of jail on bail, as a fund-raising gimmick for MDA.

Bob is a man who not only gives his time and money, but his name to charities. That is why I hesitated to respond when he posted a plea for money on his blog P.I.S.S.D. (Personal Injury Social Security Disability Blog). (Further proof that not only is he a good guy but has a warped sense of humor.)

After thinking about it for a while I decided I could not let it go, so I posted a reply. I repeat it here in case any of my other readers are thinking about wasting valuable charity dollars on a group known as Mother's (they aren't) Against Drunk Driving, a now multi-million dollar fraud on the American public.

Robert I love you but you have got to stop drinking the kool-aid with this one. MADD has gone so far off course that even its own founder won't have anything to do with it.

Money to MADD goes to paying the over-inflated salaries of its humongous staff. A staff by the way which perpetuates itself by making false claims about how many real innocent lives are taken each year by Drunk Driving.

MADD makes more than Fifty One Million Dollars ($51,000,000) a year and pays its executive director over a quarter million dollars a year. Most Executive directors of charities earn far far less. Staff for MADD is nearly 45% of its budget.

Additionally it has one of the lowest efficiency rankings in the Charity Navigator's rankings. ( Over-all it only has a rank of 2 out of 4 stars. The American Institute of Philanthropy gives it a "D" (A+ is the highest).

The continue to perpetuate that drinking and driving is a crime (Drinking and driving intoxicated is a crime) and they continue to try to lower the BAC for legal driving where in fact there has been little proof that .08 is an accurate figure for such a criminal charge. They also support laws that are designed to keep people charged with DWI and DUI from having lawyers and laws that are designed to further shore up their view that alcohol should be a banned substance.

MADD as presently constituted is nothing more than a lobbyist group they are corrupt and they publish false and misleading studies. They are at the front of a movement to keep real science out of the courtroom so as to support their positions and salaries.


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